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Welcome to the Blind Dragon Inc. of the {Merryweather} Server. If you are interested in joining our Union please view our Unions Codes of Conduct and if you are still interested proceed to our application thank you for your interest.  Please place your applications under a new post.  Also come like us on Facebook!
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The Blind Dragon Home

Kimberis, Jul 16, 12 8:16 AM.
Welcome to The Blind Dragon. 
  We trust our guests and  members to remember that though you only see the pixels on the screen, that you remember that there are real people on the other side of the keyboards.  We do not have many rules but we expect them to be followed.  If you have any questions feel free to talk to an officer, Their names and ranks are listed on the left side of this forum page.  Have fun, and try not to kill each other!!  Also at this time Blind Dragon was set up for Wizardry Online, but will also include Elder Scrolls Online here in the near future.  Look forward to seeing you all there!! And welcome to our MMOPRG family!
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